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Wasseem Khayrattee with The Sucuri Team at Bulgaria PHP Conference

I help Web Artisans & Entrepreneurs by Managing their Wordpress Hosting & teaching them how to use Wordpress as their blogging platform and money making tool.

My Mission Plus Plus

Helping You Build The Business Of Your Dreams Without The Burden Of Managing Servers & Wordpress Updates.


Be A Part Of The Magical Journey of WP Plus Plus To Helping Wordpress Artisans & Entrepreneurs like yourself. Forget The Burden Of Managing Servers & Wordpress Updates! Blog Now, Fearlessly!

What Can I Help You With...?

I have been using Wordpress since 2006. I also happen to be a professional web developer with over 10yrs of Experience. So I can surely help you out with at least one thing or two which is(are) hindering you from focusing on creating that consistent income online.

Taking Care Of Your Web Hosting & Domain Stuffs

Let's face it, it's hard to handle server stuffs & domain configuration each time. These eat up precious energy out of you, which you could otherwise spend entirely on your online objectives.

Website Migration

Do you need to move your wordpress website(s) from one web host to another? Do you need to switch your website from one domain to another? Let me help you move smoothly. Sit back and relax, I have your back. PS: Migrating to our hosting services is handled FREELY!

Setup Your Shop | WooCommerce

Setting a shop with all the configurations regarding shipping, payment methods, policies and adding products can be a daunting tasks. Let me help you with a key-in-hand approach.

Secure Your Website

Securing a wordpress website can range from making your website server web pages with SSL Encryption (yes those https thing), to putting in place a strategy to protect your web system. To be effective, you need the know-how on the what & how" to secure. I can help you.

Technical Support

Are you stuck with a configuration on your wordpress dashboard? Has a recent update broken your wordpress website? Heck, you just need someone to configure it all for you? Relax, I have your back.

Teach You Wordpress Or Any Web Tricks

Everyone can be good at anything, provided he/she is willing to learn. With the proper learning material and a good teacher to guide you, things can be mastered more quickly and easily. It is never late to learn something the right way.

Optimize Your Site, Make It Faster

The first 5secs is crucial for any website to retain visitors. Nobody wants to wait. How fast are you serving them with you content? Let me help you optimize your wordpress website.

Custom Needs

Every person is different with different requirements. So if you have something that don't fit in here, you still send me an email to get FREE advice. ALL my Advice are ALWAYS FREE.

Static Websites | The Jekyllrb Way

It's a fact that static websites load blazzing fast. This very website here has been conceived with a static-content-approach using the Jekyllrb philosophy. Do you want to join the bandwagon?

The WP++ Spoon-fed Wordpress Hosting Solution

Since 2006, I have been using wordpress. I understand where the pain is. I have been through so many ups and downs. I also understand that getting your blogging platform right and managing it, is only the first step in the list of several steps towards your online goal, whether be it to make money online or blogging for self-expression.

Having been in that shoe myself, I am determined to help you blog fearlessly without the burden of managing servers & wordpress Updates.