Here Is 'Why' You Should Believe In My Objectives To Helping You

Together We Are Strong

Mission Statement

I believe that bloggers and small entrepreneurs do not have to go through the burden of hosting and managing the technical nitty-gritty of their blog alone. I want to accompany them through their journey. I have been through very similar journey myself. Creating a wordpress blog & maintaining its daily routine like web hosting, domain configuration, data backup, security & optimization - are no easy tasks. I was alone on my initial journey. I marched through the ‘dark side’. I tamed the difficulties. Let me now extend my hand to help you.

I totally understand how a blogger feels about this. I will literally babysit your technological side of things, with string wings attached. While you focus your full energy on the writing & idea conception.

Together We Are Strong

I have the technological skills. You have ideas and aspirations to build your business. Instead of viewing web hosting as a service, think of me as a partner who will be with you through your journey. Let me hear you. Let me see how I can help you automate your processes. Let me see how I can leverage technology to help you. Let me guide you. Your journey can be more fruitful with a partner that complements you.

Technological Barriers Affecting Bloggers & Small Entrepreneurs

Bloggers and small entrepreneurs (herein mentioned as B & SE) are incredible people. They spend so much energy and time to try to convey their ideas and products to the world. But to reach out to the world, they need to be online. And whatever is online, implies some minimal technological skills. For most bloggers that skill level is deemed quite high. More precisely, the process of setting up & maintaining their website and blog is a daunting task in the long term. While it is very much normal in most cases, I find this an unfair disadvantage to them.

To be productive and effective online, B & SE need to be able to focus their energy 100% on conceiving ideas and transmuting these through either concrete blog posts or products. For example, let’s assume someone wants to be able to sell courses online. He/she needs to gather ideas and decide upon what to actually teach. After that, he/she needs to create a whole syllabus and exercises. And eventually packaging the whole process into a digital experience - which should be meaningful and appealing to a targeted audience. On top of that, going another extra miles to actually handle the marketing side of things. That whole process has a lot of implications. It is time, energy and financially consuming - I’m sure you would agree!?

To present their digital content & product, the person needs to have an online platform to be able to communicate to an audience and showcase their product. This involves all of the following processes:

  1. Choose what is the right blogging (or e-commerce) platform to use - this involves you scratching your head and spending time to google here and there. You are most probably in a confused state of mind.
  2. Search & purchase an available domain name - You need to be able to know how to configure domain names & also which domain registrar to use.
  3. Search for a quality web hosting - involves time to google and to ask around to know which is the best value for money web hosting, but also with a decent quality level both in service and support.
  4. Configure your web hosting and domain configurations - involves a learning curve in knowing how all these fit together.
  5. Install & configure wordpress - another learning curve + you would need to learn how to optimize & secure your wordpress blog + doing frequent updates - not just how to blog with it.
  6. Search for a good theme - chances are you might not get it right as there are so many sources of themes around.
  7. search for solid plugins - there are tons out there, you will need to see if the plugin is of good quality.
  8. Start writing content for your blog.
  9. Continually update and maintain the blog engine, plugins (and probably also some server aspects).

In the above, those 8 technological steps can be an energy eater for most B & SE. I bet you can picture yourself in that ship by now?!

(New) Bloggers Deserve Quality technological Means As Well

The trend online that I observe is:- ‘super-bloggers’ and people who have the initial necessary finance for investing in their online business or ‘blogging for money’ - these are the people that have access to quality and performing web hosting services. Their idea can be not as great as yours, but they are out their pushing and growing. Why? Because they have understood one thing. If you want to be successful online, you should tame technology. Some of these ‘super-bloggers’ have the financial resources (the how is another topic of its own) and they invest in expensive managed wordpress solutions like or or even to resist high traffic and provide a good user browsing experience. And above all, most cleverly and importantly, they do not waste their energy on these, they simply leverage that ‘technological management side of things’ onto these hosting companies. That is why you see these super-bloggers are consistently blogging literally every single day like a champion. Don’t you want to be like them right from day one? Of course you should. Of course you can. I am here to make that happen for you.

It pains me to see people with a lot of great ideas, with good content writing skills, who are simply wasting so much effort with their web hosting and maintaining their blog. Dear reader, if you are among those people, know that you deserve the best as well. If those big hosting companies care only for advanced bloggers & entrepreneurs, know that I am here to support you! Why? Let me narrate you my own true story. Get some coffee and enjoy the read.

The Story Of Khayrattee, He Started As A Simple Blogger

If you have not read my article on how to start a blog in only two steps, please jump back there (and come back here) as I describe (partially) how I started my first blogging steps during my early years at university as a computer science student - around 2005. For your info, I touched my first PC only at the age of 20. Yep I have since ramped myself up without looking behind. Anyway, let’s continue upon that.

At the time, I was very excited at the idea of making money online via a blog medium, by writing content. I was young. And that idea was something revolutionary. It kicked something inside me. Somewhere in 2007, I started an online article directory. The latter was kinda famous for driving traffic and also for making yourself known to the world as a writer.

Being someone meticulous, I opted at the outset to keep a high standard. Normally most new article directories would simply accept ANY article that was submitted to them. But I was different. I was manually reviewing every single article that was being submitted on my article directory. I was aiming high for quality. I always had an obsession for quality work. Just after 3 months of work, my article directory started rising gradually in stats. After another 5-6 months, I was getting an extraordinary 400+ article submissions PER DAY. I was being referenced all around the web in the list of ‘trusted quality article directories’. I had an average of 25,000 visitors PER DAY as per my sitemeter stats account - yes that was the statistics tool that every cool kid was using back then. My google adsense income started rising like a rocket - on average $22 per day, with $65 per day on great days. That was so damm cool at that time. I achieve my objectives just by being meticulous in planning and without opting for black hat ways. But every good thing came to an end. Guess what happened?

I was using a shared-hosting space. I got a super deal at an online forum named “hostbidder”, conceived by a guy named as Fergal Crawley. I still remember his name. He did remarkable things in those days for people that wanted to earn a few bucks online.That forum was an incredible learning tool for me. Back in the days, there was no facebook. Online forums were very much where the cool kids were hanging. That forum in particular helped me grow as an online blogger and growing the online money making mindset in me. I got my first ever free real custom domain name from hostbidder as well.

So I got that super crazy deal with that shared-hosting company. I hosted my article directory there. When my traffic rose at an average of 25K per day, I had two issues:

  • I created indirect enemies from my rivals. I started getting DDOS attacks.
  • All those high traffic per day, coupled with the attacks meant that my hosting account was at threat.

Eventually the shared-hosting company contacted me saying they could not handle my traffic and I had to move within the next 24hrs. I had over gigabytes of data in my database. How the hell would a shared hosting company help me to transfer all that data? Impossible at that time. Shared-hosting was not as OK as it is now. I was still on dialup connection in those days too. And I could not afford to pay expensive servers. I was just a student. I had no real income. The online income that I started getting with adsense has suddenly been wiped away, because it was dependent on my article directory. I was helpless. My account was shutdown. I could not even save my database. All gone. That was one of my small lived success story online in those (my) early days.

The reason I failed was because I was not much IT literate at that time and could not understand how servers work. And I did not have enough income to sustain my sudden success. It was too fast.

The Real Reason I Want To Help You & Starting WP Plus Plus

But failure was just another step for me to learn from. I have since mastered a lot of IT skills. I became good at things I was not. After my uni life & completing a successful BSc (Hons) Degree course in IT, I decided to focus entirely on my real life professional career. In only 8 years of dedication and hard work, I became a country manager (in parallel a technical lead as well) for a global, world-class, award winning magento company, headquartered in UK. I have learned a lot through all my journey and I’m still learning a lot.

I am someone who is grateful to life and everyone that helped me in my journey. Since the last couple of years, I have helped a lot of people FREEly via email. All my advice were and still is FREE. I have also in real life volunteered to help a couple of non-profit groups and even friends with setting up their hosting. I was helping people online setting up their web hosting.

I have found that I like helping people. I like replying to emails. I am also passionate about wordpress and web servers. I get my hands dirty almost daily with server stuffs, including wordpress. It all becomes a logical step for me to offer my quality service to you - people that are new to blogging or lack technological knowledge or want to step up as an online entrepreneur.

I believe I am in a special shoe where I can perfectly understand these type of people. I were there. I understand. I grew. I also happen to be an IT professional with over 10 years of experience in web & e-commerce development, including server infrastructure expertise. I want to give back.

Recap + What I Offer

I have told you WHY I am starting WP Plus Plus. I have also narrated to you my real story. Having myself experienced the journey of early bloggers & entrepreneurs, I understand what I would have needed.

When I started, I would have loved someone gave me a hand in understanding servers. I would have loved someone gave me a quality web hosting at an affordable price. I would have loved that someone gave me a hint on how to choose quality themes & plugins. Infact I would have loved someone to be like a partner to me to sort out all those technological side of things for me, while I could spend my time on blogging and concretising my ideas. I would have gone miles ahead in the online world. That is HOW I can solve your similar issues.

The good news is, I happen to have enough experience in all that. WHAT I can confidently propose to you now keeping all of these in mind, is this: I can provide you with a quality spoon-fed wordpress hosting experience, by literally babysitting your wordpress site, with string wings attached. Ready to try me out?!