Can You Start A Blog In Only TWO Steps ? 

Can You Start A Blog In Only TWO Steps ?

A Small Long Intro | My Journey Into The Blogosphere

Pitfalls I Came Across


I started my journey online when I stepped into the university life.

I spent countless of hours & nights reading, practicing, researching and getting myself versed with “blogs & the blogosphere”. I always wanted to have that perfect approach to everything.

I’ve tried many different content management systems (CMS). I even spent time to code a custom one.

Needless to say it was so energy intensive.

I was spending more time coding and coding every feature that I foresee I needed.

By then, I started asking myself when will I have the time `in my long list of “todo”` for actually creating my blog and focusing on blogging? #pitfall01


I decided to jump on a third-party hosted blogging platforms.

Back in 2006-ish, was as famous as myspace (yes myspace was kinda the facebook thing at that time). So I went with blogger. It was not really what I wanted.

I had by then tried many other type of platforms – most of them, if not all, were not flexible. Why?

I could not say I “own” my blogging platform.

It would be easy for me later to migrate my content elsewhere as I have no access to my database of content.

WordPress was the other rival and also gaining in popularity in the blogosphere. After a while, I tried the hosted platform. It was OK, better than blogger in term of features and usability.

But still, it is restricted. I had to use what they offer.

And I would still get migration problems.

It was also not mine.

I was writing on someone else’s platform, to not say compound. Just like you are writing on the wall of facebook – it’s not yours! It is the full property of facebook. #pitfall02


I was finally conquered by the self-hosted version of, which is

I documented myself about the INs and OUTs of wordpress.

Finally I felt like I came across a software that I could do, modify and add any functionality I desire.

That feeling is still the same. As it is now (in 2019) 13yrs since I blog and wordpress for me is the best blogging platform.

Best of all, I can host it myself and claim my webspace as my property – I had access and full ownership to all asset files (like images), the database (which contains all my content & all the configurations) and also the source code of the wordpress system.

I was adamant in crafting my first custom (self-made) “theme” for wordpress as well. The free themes were not appealing to me. It took me hours and weeks of work.

I had to dig deep to make it work irrespective of the devices it would be viewed in (responsive web designing was not as easy as it is today). Instead of blogging, I had drained much of my energy into designing/coding my theme. #pitfall03


I still remember all the countless nights I had googled on how to get the best free web hosting for my blog.

I did.

My first blog was running on a 100% free web hosting. Only then after a couple of months, as and when I was gaining in server knowledge and skills, I finally realised there is nothing that is 100% free online.

Worst, free web hosting is a 101% NO-NO if you want to succeed.

I lost my database. I lost everything. I had to start back.

This time, I bought a premium shared-hosting. In my entire blogging life, I had experienced with using four shared-hosting. Stay away from most of them, if you can afford to. #pitfall04

If you want to go deeper into my other early adventures, have a read through this page – click.

Experience & Maturity Comes From Practice

Since then, over the last 10 years, I have started more than a dozen of blogs online. All of them from scratch.

I tried many web hosting providers, as well as different web hosting types. I have experimented with many approaches.

I have devised and developed my own way of doing things. I have also come up with my own way of building/installing my own web servers and logistics to maximise the chances of my blogging journey.

In that respect, I can convincingly and humbly say that I know at least one thing or two, which I can use to help you.

My most gratifying blog in terms of self-satisfaction is undoubtedly

Because it was a blog that I started out of pure genuine passion for something. That something was about “PHP – a web scripting language”.

I blogged and blogged, without caring about money and energy I invested into it. I had no expectation in making any kind of financial profit from it, although I can very much do it due to the visibility (in The PHP Community) I have gotten from it.

I have made clever use of tools and resources so that I could stay focus on only ONE thing – that is writing content.

Till date, I still blog and you will not find any kind of monetization on it. It’s simply a medium where I express my passion and to engage and be part of a community. That’s the biggest gratification I have ever had in my life.

So blogging can be awesome.

Blogging can make you derived genuine self-interest in yourself and in your passion. It can also make you earn a decent income online.

In whatever way you want to shape it, it is your own decision.

But before you can actually decide which way to go, you need to take that first step.

You need to have a solid platform and enough know-how about the blogging tools & ecosystem around to help you do what actually matters “writing content for your blog and make it successful”.

Can You Start A Blog For Free?

Yes you can.

You can use blogging services like or It is really free.

They host the blog system for you. They give you a platform to write your content. Think of it like facebook or linkedin. You get a platform where you can express your views.

But you can do only “what they allow you to do”. And most important of all, you will need to pay for most of the obvious additional stuffs that you would like to have – that’s their business model.

But look a bit further than that. Let us assume you are using Here are the following disadvantages I see:

  • In the future, if you want to move away from them, it is not easy. They will not give you an export of your important data like all the images you have uploaded and the database which contains all the content you have written. Although for the content, you can probably use a wordpress importer plugin to import them. But it’s not neat.
  • You are not in full control of the power that a blogging tool can give you. They offer you very limited plugins and themes. The idea is to make you pay for each and every other additional feature you need.
  • You are not allowed to install any other plugin or theme – whether it is open-source or purchased. They are clever, they want you to spend your money with them only.
  • You do not own the blog, it’s not yours, full stop!
  • If you want to run ads for monetizing your blog, this is not straight forward – either they will want a share of your revenue or they would just prevent you from doing it. for example is strict with regards to allowing you to monetize your blog.
  • People see your blogging initiatives as “not serious, not professional”. View this as someone who is renting a room in a big house somewhere, versus someone who actually has his/her own house. Which one of them you would see more serious/stable in life? Indeed, same principle goes with blogging.
  • You cannot build a brand that way. If you want to build a reputation and a brand, specially if you aspire to make money out of your blogging niche, you are better off getting everything setup on a server that you know you have full flexibility and which you purchased.
  • You will have little to no real value in terms of SEO and Search visibility.

Free Is Expensive

As you have seen above, free will give you headache.

Free will prevent your creativity from flourishing.

This now gets us to the main subject matter of this article: how I can help you create a blog in only TWO steps!

The TWO Steps To Create A Blog For You

Baring in mind all the pitfalls that I went through above and the disadvantages I see can hinder your blogging efforts, I have devised value-for-money and no-brainer solutions.

During the last couple of years I have helped a lot of people with their web hosting and wordpress needs.

I reply to so many emails. All my advices are always free.

I ended up doing this frequently. Nevertheless I enjoy doing it.

That’s why I decided to launch my services. Let’s have a look at how much I can simplify your blogging journey, with only TWO STEPS!

Step 1

  • Choose a plan of your choice in here – click to see.
    • I pre-configure your blog, so you can start to blog right away!
    • When you rent my affordable service, you get one free custom domain name + one free Premium theme + premium services added to your package.
    • NOTE: After your purchase, you will be getting a small PDF with full instructions on everything

Step 2

Writing Content | Step

On WP Plus Plus, I can show you guidance about how to blog (through my articles and videos). I can teach you how to manage wordpress so that you can hit the “publish” button.

But at the end of the day, you are the only one that need to sit down in a quite place (or somewhere you feel motivated) and write that content.

So in this step you will need to spare some time and get yourself some super powers for the following:

  • learn how to use wordpress as a blogging platform
  • learn how to write good content. But the most simple way to start is by actually “starting to write”. Write anything that comes in your mind. Do not care about grammars or good english. At least not for the first months of your blogging journey. Because if you have been consistent in blogging for one month, you will feel a desperate need to know more and get better at blogging.

So all this sounds doable, right?

Right! It is! I’m here to make that happen.

The Traditional 8 Steps For Creating A Blog

Without my service or without a managed wordpress hosting, here are the normal traditional steps that awaits you:

  1. Choose what is the right blogging platform to use – this involves you scratching your head and spending time to google here and there. You are always in a confused state in your mind.
  2. Search & purchase an available domain name – You need to be able to know how to configure domain names & also which domain registrar to use.
  3. Search for a quality web hosting – involves time to google and to ask around to know which is the best value for money web hosting, but also with a good quality both in service and support.
  4. Configure your web hosting and domain configurations – involves a learning curve in knowing how all these fit together.
  5. Install & configure wordpress – another learning curve + you would need to learn how to optimize & secure your wordpress blog.
  6. Search for a good theme – chances are you might not get it right as there are so many sources of themes around.
  7. search for solid plugins – there are tons out there, you will need to see if the plugin is of good quality.
  8. Start writing content for your blog.


I have explained to you the pitfalls when you are new to the blogosphere. It can very much get daunting to start a blog on your own.

Much time and energy would be spent before you can actually sit down to write good content. This can easily eat up your main motivation, specially if you arrive at that moment where you can feel “I give up”.

I have already been through all those moments. I am taking a step forward to help people like yourself. I do not want you to get in probable frustrations. I want you to stay focus on writing content and promoting your blog.

I love to serve people.

I am a professional software engineer at my roots. I am passionate about server stuffs and setting things up for people.

I have been doing it countless times. Most of the time, freely and benevolently, for example I have sponsored the Aeronautical Society of Mauritius – I have setup everything from scratch for them.

Meaning I gave my time freely. I do not expect anything in return, specially that AESM has nothing to do with my career path.

So I can wholeheartedly and convincingly tell you to take the TWO Step approach to create your blog.

Do that and you are looking at a future that’s free from having to “scratch your head & waste your energy” to get your blog/website up and running.

Action Plan

Contact me now itself and let’s have a chat about wordpress & blogging.

All my advice are always FREE.

It does not cost you anything to try me out! Aye!

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