The Modern Fast Server Stack Used By WP Plus Plus

If you are like muse, obsessed with having the best experience possible, you would know the feeling and urge of seeking the fastest wordpress stack possible.

Technology keeps evolving and we do my best to keep up.

WordPress is made up of a stack (wordpress execution life cycle) and it runs on a server which has its own stack layer. Cumulatively they form the whole “how fast wordpress can deliver” experience.

It is very important to optimise and use the best in class tools and software in each stack.

Our Hardware Infrastructure | We Sit On The Shoulders Of Giants

An important concept that successful folks always keep in mind is: “leverage whenever possible, don’t reinvent the wheel”.

Here at WP Plus Plus, we believe 101% in that philosophy.

Our hardware infrastructure are the exact SAME hardware infrastructures that ‘rockstar server companies’ use, namely AWS (Amazon Servers),,, or even


Because we use their infrastructure. Simple. Effective.

Meaning we reuse what they are best at – they are great at providing quality, highly performing, solid security & world-class VPS hosting spaces.

So we use their hosting rooms to provide you with a spoon-fed   service on top of that.

(Note: at any given time, we will use any one of them, not several at once. This will depend on the plan you choose and where we get available spaces.)

Viewing it another way.

It’s like we are renting a house (most probably one similar to a condominium) without anything in it. We install all necessary and quality stuffs like the beds, sofas, table, chairs, microwaves, TV, play-stations..etc. We polish the whole house. We make sure there’s a security guy outside. We make sure you have a nice green compound outside as well, coupled with a nice spot to do your barbecues.

We are available & ready-to-fix when anything fails or there’s any issue.

We periodically do maintenance as well to keep everything in shape.

We then rent all that with you key-in-hand.

Voila! Very comfy and effective.

Thus doing, we are sitting on the shoulders of those giants.

Needless to say this boost our confidence in providing you with a blazing fast experience, with rock-solid infrastructures, with added security and optimization. The fastest wordpress stack might just be within reach!

You are in good company!

Our Underlining Server Stack | Next Generation Technology

We have a hunger for staying abreast with technology.

We like to focus in always improving our stack. We constantly research means and insights to improve both our server speed, security and stability – keeping in mind that we are optimising the whole process to render wordpress websites faster and more performing.

We currently use the following:

WordPress is developed using PHP language.

PHP has several version namely 5.x series – most of which are deprecated and known to be slow.

But the new modern version 7.x series offers unparalleled speed, stability and security.

Most web hosting companies, specially shared web-hosting providers, do not use the latest version. Fortunately, here at WP Plus Plus, we like to stay current and we use the latest 7.x series.

  • 2) Server Powered ByNginx as a reverse proxy to Apache (yes, we use both leading servers)

Nginx, a high performance server, is worldly known to be faster and more performing than Apache.

When Nginx is configured as a Reverse Proxy to Apache, the effect is an even better one.

It’s like having Bronze Saint-Seiya deployed with the Golden armour, that’s magical!

Besides, when configured as such, we also deploy wings on our server as Nginx also has “hidden caching super powers” when deployed as a reverse-proxy.

  • 3) Database | using Percona instead of MySQL

We use PerconDB which is a world-class database solution, they are the database performance experts.

  • 4) Page Caching mechanism

We use nginx micro-caching techniques.

In addition, we also use the fastest wordpress caching (premium) plugin ever, namely WP Rocket.

Even the superstar WP Engine (an enterprise class managed wordpress hosting) recommends & even uses it themselves.

You will experience that super-caching powers here at WP Plus Plus as well.

  • 5) WordPress Object Caching (click here for reference) – depending on the nature & popularity of your blog/website or on request.

We could not have explained it better than the following:

  • WordPress is naturally heavily dependent on its database, and database efficiency is crucial to scaling WordPress.
  • WordPress easily integrates with persistent/external storage backends like Redis or Memcached via object cache drop-in plugins, making it possible to persist the object cache between requests. This speeds up PHP execution time while lessening the load on the Database, a real win-win scenario.
  • Much like reverse proxy caching for pages, object caching is an established pattern in software development. It is an element to every large-scale application architecture, from Facebook or Google Docs to Your WordPress site should be no exception.

Reference :

While memcached & APCu are very great candidates too, we have decided to opt for the world-class performing REDIS coupled with WP-Redis wordpress plugin developed by another giant in the wordpress hosting sphere, namely

As this is an added operation layer on our stack, if your site does not receive that much visitors, we will probably not install this one as our other cumulative caching mechanisms should be good enough for you.

  • 6) Cloudflare servicescloudflare is an enterprise-ready online solution that provides both enhanced performance to websites, as well as providing an added layer of security.
  • 7) SSL Acceleration – Benefit from faster load times over https with built in HTTP/2 SSL acceleration

Things We Are Working On (Doing R&D) | Our Incubator

  1. A better alternative to Apache – namely LiteSpeedTech Server
  2. A free better alternative to WP-Rocket, namely the LiteSpeed Cache
  3. Elastic search for WordPress

We like to go above and beyond.

Normally the default search functionality with wordpress is not great or neat.

We are exploring how to increase the performance & ‘best match’ search results using an Elastic Search approach for WordPress.

This will be specially important for Ecommerce site using our WooCommerce solution.


As you have by now noticed, we give a lot of focus to every detail in our server stack. We are obsessed with taming the fastest wordpress stack.

We are passionate.

We are eager to keep learning, researching and coming up with the most appropriate solutions for our valuable client, that is YOU.

Providing you with a spoon-fed wordpress solution at the most appropriate cost, is our goal.

We care for you as a blogger.

We care for you as someone who’s just started your own small start-up or SME.

Connect with us and let us show you how we can care to help you achieve your goals.

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