Purchase Process + FAQs

A Small Intro

The services offered on WP Plus Plus, are made possible to you at a very affordable pricing for the value and resources that you are getting - you would agree. To achieve this win-win situation, we do most of our work manually. We send you important details via email / dropbox..etc. For example, our checkout process is not fully automated. Neither do we offer you a dashboard to see or manage your servers.

So when you order any plan from us, we need some data from you prior to creating your hosting package. Please follow the steps below. In case anything is unclear, kindly contact us.


Step 1

In case you want to avail of a free domain name with us, kindly verify that the domain you want, is available for registration.

  • Please head over to http://7domi.com/domain-registration/
  • Use the search box to search for an available (domain) name of your choice
  • Once satisfied, create your domain registrant account on 7DOMI.com
  • Checkout your (domain) order. Choose Pay Offline under “Offline Payment Options”.
  • Confirm your account by clicking on the email verification that 7DOMI will send you (via email).

That’s it. I will then settle the invoice for you and you will thus avail of a FREE one year domain registration.

Step 2

Choose ONE theme of your choice from the following list of premium themes companies:

Step 3

  • Choose a plan that suit your needs.
  • Settle the payment for this plan by clicking on the “Order Now” button.

Step 4

Send us an email with the following:

  • Your paypal (email) ID
  • The theme that you have chosen
  • The email ID or registrant ID of the account you created at 7DOMI

Voila! Wait for us to get back to you with your blog key-in-hand!

Questions About The Domain

If you have any questions regarding the domain, we have addressed a list of Q&A on this page - click!

If you have any kind of doubt or question, kindly contact us and we will do our level best to help you out.


Please see section below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These are the common list of things you should know prior to making a purchase with us.

What is the processing time after I make a payment

We sit on the shoulders of giants. Thus doing, we leverage the rock-solid infrastructure of Cloud Providers (like Amazon AWS, OVH, DigitalOcean..etc). So when you place an order with us, we will need to see availability of VPS spaces with our Providers. The latter has a processing time of anywhere from 24hr to 36hr (3days). Unless and until we get a confirmed VPS space from ANY of them, we will not be able to service you accordingly.

So as a rule of thumb, we are setting our processing time to be anywhere from 3 days to 5 days. Though we will be able to service you within 48hrs in most cases. Please also refer to our terms of service, section 7.

If you still have any doubt, kindly Contact us.

Do I Have An Account?

No. We use a static approach to our website. So there is no automation at the present time. Meaning no account creation. All our communication are done via email. We love emails.

What Private Details Do You Store About Me?

As our client, we keep a record about the essential details about you, in our private internal structure. The data is not online. The data that we store are:

  • your email
  • your name (the one that we see on your paypal payment details)
  • Address (if we see it on your paypal payment details)
  • Phone (if we see it on your paypal payment details)
Any discounts if I prepay for 1yr or 2yrs?


For 1 year of pre-payment, you get a 5% discount.

If you want to prepay for 2 years at once, we'll give you a 15% discount.

All the discount above will be auto-calculated when you click on the "Buy Button".

Refund Policy

As per our terms of service, section 7(d), refund should be made within 30 days as from the date of the payment. You will be refunded as follows:

  • Setup fee - 50% refund (please see section 7(d) for explanation)
  • Rental fee - refunded at 100%
Your Terms Of Use

Please see: our terms page

Your Privacy Policy
Questions Regarding Domain Name

Please see the page about "Domain Name Offered by WP Plus Plus (click)" where we have addressed most of the questions regarding domain names.

What do you install on your servers?
Glad you ask. Everything has been explained our Stack page - click!
Can you install any specific addons for me?
Yes. We will install anything you need. Contact us
Can you install a specific PHP version for me?
Yes. We will. Contact us
I have more custom needs
No problem. We will handle your needs. Contact us