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What!? Really Free Domain Name?

Hey there and welcome to WP Plus Plus. If you are reading this page, it means either you were searching for “free domain offers” or got here from our Plans page.

To get a free domain name name from us, there is only one possibility:

With any such purchases, then only you can get a free domain name - conditions apply, read on below..

Is It Free For Lifetime??

No, only for the first year of registration. Let us explain.

First and foremost, a domain name is purchased or made available to a registrant on a per year basis - set forth by ICANN. Meaning each year you have to renew your domain, or buy it for a longer period of time, like buying the domain for 5yrs - whereby your renewal term will be after that 5-year delay.

So, getting back to our initial question. WP Plus Plus gives its customers a free domain name only for the first year of registration. After the first year, obviously you will need to pay to renew the domain in case you want to continue owning it and hence using it.

What Is The Registrar Behind?

The domain that we sell and that we give you, is a service provided by our branch named / powered by SevenPHP. Our parent registrar is the who is “The industry leader in domain names registration solutions”. By following closely all terms set forth by them, we are also in full compliance with ICANN - The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. This gives us a lot of confidence in providing you with a top-notch service and amazing products/services.

Can I Trust Your Registrar?

As I have mentioned, we sit on the shoulders of a giant, namely who is “The industry leader in domain names registration solutions”. As a leader, they make sure that we are compliant. As a professional, we make sure we comply with all regulations and most important of all - providing quality service.

Besides, to reassure you, we have our own domain registered with 7DOMI since YEAR 2008 - verify for yourself, click here!. After having ourselves seen we could trust our parent company with their utmost quality service, this in turn gave us confidence and trust in aligning our own objectives and providing you with similar services that we needed for ourselves.

How Much Does The Domain Costs After That First Free One-Year Deal?

Glad you asked. You can find all domain pricing here:

What If I Do Not Need The Domain After One Year

After the first (free) year owning the domain, you can decide to stop owning it. We would kindly ask you to contact us and let us know of that intent. After which, we will simply let the domain expire. An expired domain name will then be deleted by the parent registrar and made available again to the public after the official time-frame for the expiry-deletion process is done.

Do I Have Full Ownership?

When you get a free domain name from us, we assign full ownership to you. You can do whatever you want with it (though you need to respect and abide by the general terms set forward to you during your registration).

What If I Want To Move The Domain In The Future?

Once you obtained a domain name from us, whether free or paid, you are free to do anything you want with it. This includes any transfer of the domain from our registrar (7DOMI) to any other registrar of your choice. We will never charge you any additional cost to grant you permission to transfer your domain. We will respect your choice, should you want to do so.

What Should I Do When I Want To Move My Domain?

If for whatever reason you want to move/transfer your domain (from our registrar 7DOMI), to any other registrar of your choice (for e.g GoDaddy), simply send us an email and we will guide you. For your info, all transfer details are explained here:

Are There Any Impacts If I Want To Move My Domain?

Yes. Two impacts as follows:

  • You will no more avail of our free TWO custom email address offers. Because this was made possible via our domain registrar, namely / powered by SevenPHP.
  • Other than that, when you move away from us (7domi), we will no more handle your domain for you. Meaning, you will be then henceforth be responsible for all your domain configurations and changes.

Can I Get A .net Or Any Other TLD Domains?

Yes most probably. For sure, we will allow you to get any of a .net, .org or .info domain, instead of a .com domain if you so wished to. kindly contact us and we will do the necessary.

For other TLDs not mentioned above, please kindly contact us and we will consider your request.

How To Register The Domain?


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