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I’m Not An Expert

I don’t claim to be an expert in PHP. The materials I post are based on my experience, they are in no way the best or the most perfect way to embrace. But you should assume that I am no better than you are and my opinion has as much weight as yours. Problem solving has so many facets, It’s your responsibility to discuss the possible ways of doing it and/or confirm what works out as a general solution.

No Affiliation With External Websites

I also link or reference other websites/blogs or services. But I am in no way affiliated with them whatsoever except where disclosed.

Conversation On / With WPPPP (Platform)

When you post your thoughts, opinion and including ‘codes’ on this blog, you should assume that I could benefit from it; as well as anyone else reading it. This excludes any email interaction or any other private conversation that we have, where I will maintain confidentiality.

Book Reviews

I do casually make reviews on a particular book. I do not get any financial commission to do so, unless explicitly disclosed. Otherwise the motivation behind those kind of reviews, comes from either I was very interested in the book and asked the author for a review copy, or I was given a free review copy of the book. In ANY case, the review that I give is based completely on my genuine feeling about the book, and not biased towards the author whatsoever.

Your Personal Details

Your personal details shared on this blog (for example email address, IP address and any other preferences) will never be disclosed to anyone without your consent.

I might occasionally use referral links. But I do not endorse them, you should use your own judgement if you want to use any service/product they promote.

Anything Else?

If I’ve missed something or you have any concern, you can contact me!


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I'm thankful for your valued time and response(s)!


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Hey there. I do not provide a dynamic way for accepting comments on my website as such. The reason being, I have dropped the idea of "dynamic websites" in favor of static websites using Jekyllrb philosophy.

But that said, I also still strongly believe in communication. So if you really have something useful to say and to add to this blog post, by any means please get in touch with me via email. See the details above in the SUBMIT YOUR COMMENT section for the "how" to submit a useful comment or feedback.

I stress useful, because if it's just to say "I appreciate", or "hi", I will just treat it as a personal message to me and respond to you accordingly via email only.