Contact / Request Support

I love emails. I love being online. There’s no better form of communication than email. 🙂

Email Me

  • You can email me directly at . Please prefix your title with [WPPP Contact] for a greater chance of me picking it up in my messy mailbox.

Support Request

  • Email me directly at . Please prefix your title with [WPPP Support Request] + mention your paypal ID (we’ll verify your purchase) in your mail.

Response Time

  • For Support requests, in most cases I will reply as quickly as I can, within the next hour or less. But in busy days, expect at least 24-48 hrs at worse case. I like to do it this way: I will acknowledge your request fast. After which I will start to work on it. Another email(s) will follow for a status..etc.
  • For other type of contact, while I will do my best to respond within 48hrs, I cannot guarantee that I will do so due to my time schedule at the moment. But I will eventually get back to you if your message was not otherwise “spam” or of a “marketing nature”.

Guest Posts

I do not accept guest post from people whose sole intent are marketing. If you are genuine about your contribution, get in touch.