Changelog for WP Plus Plus

June 2018

  • launched WPPP them v2 – Re-coded site into a wordpress theme using WP Press Press as parent theme.
    • I’ll no more use a static approach, not really worth it.
  • Customised every aspect of the theme to minimise usage of plugins
  • Rethought the mission statement of this site
  • Redesign the homepage
  • Deployed on server


Oct 2017 | Wednesday 11th

  • GO LIVE – version 1.0.0
  • Prep newsletter link – use (let’s test it VS mailchimp)
  • Test page load via online tools
  • Optimize further using insights we got from tools
  • add google analytics
  • Google webmaster submission

Sept 2017

  • Crafted the version 0.1.0 of
  • created content for pages: WHY, Registration, FAQ, STACK, earch & Contact
  • Devised different solutions & pricing for our core business model
  • Choose & optimize appropriate images for pages & posts we currently have
  • Wrote the following blog posts. These will serve as our starting point, I do not want to start blank.
    • Bloggers, Your 3 Most Important Types Of Web Hosting Demystified!
    • Free Domain Name Offered by WP Plus Plus
    • How To Start Your Blog In Only TWO Steps!
    • Writing A Pillar Article – The What, The Why & The How Plus Plus
  • Had to take a decision of whether to automate our checkout process or go static with Paypal buttons
  • Refactor content throughout
  • Refactor our Motto & Mission statement
  • We are now at the go live version 1.0.0
  • Setup & prep cloudflare
  • Setup email
  • Setup SSL (https)
  • Setup custom email
  • Prepping Server

Aug 2017

  • Initially bought the domain ‘’, but as per WordPress’ Legal Terms, cannot use that domain, nor having WordPress in the brand name. We wasted 3yrs of domain cost, anyway forms part of the journey.
  • Invested in buying a .io domain, namely ‘’
  • Changed naming from ‘Wordpress Plus Plus’ to simply ‘WP Plus Plus’ as there’s no legal governance on the usage of the word WP
  • Crafted the version 0.1.0 of
  • Icons, graphics & color match to use
  • Mobile responsive
  • bought a simple HTML5/CSS template
  • coded & integrated the template into a Jekyllrb framework
  • Tweaked the HTML layout and finalised 4 layouts for the website
  • Added some custom colors & styling
  • Remove all non-used CSS & JS from the bought template to optimize loading speed
  • Invested in buy a premium yearly subscription with
  • Drafted the first version our TOS & Policies
  • The SEO & Marketing aspects – let’s start slowly and tweak along the way